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IPC Education Empowers Your Team

IPC® provides a suite of educational services to traders, systems administrators, employees and partners. Our courses are designed to increase your team’s effectiveness and productivity. User training empowers your traders and brokers to understand the complete tool set available on the IPC dealerboard/turret platform.

If you subscribe to our TradeCARE® services, you also have access to a full suite of training programs taught by IPC Educational Services in a controlled classroom environment.

IPC’s Educational Services learning solutions combine vendor and IPC proprietary content delivered in traditional hands-on and advanced communicative classroom learning environments. Classrooms are equipped with the latest IPC and OEM technologies, allowing students to learn on the same platforms being installed on their trading floors. Our multi-day training programs are designed to enhance your understanding and administration of IPC systems.

IPC Trading Systems Educational Services Group has training facilities in Hong Kong for the Asia Pacific region, London for the EMEA region and Westbrook, Connecticut, for the Americas region.

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