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Centralized Trading Communications System Management

How do you monitor and manage your trading communications system easily and quickly – at one, several or every location worldwide – to take advantage of opportunities, maximize performance, and ensure profitability?

Today’s markets are changing. Thanks to the rapid growth of emerging markets, and the new regulatory requirements in existing markets, today’s trading environment demands the simplicity and flexibility of a centralized trading communications management system.
IPC’s Unigy platform, with its Unigy Management System (UMS), provides an all-in-one solution for centralized trading communications administration that gives IT management global oversight, enhanced monitoring, advanced security and total control – simplifying trading communications across the enterprise.
With UMS, deployment of new systems, new system endpoints, feature upgrades or patches can be done remotely as well as within the UMS interface for:
  • Faster deployment of moves, changes and upgrades
  • More uptime
  • Greater speed-to-market and a competitive edge
UMS’ Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) provides centralized and real-time trading communications monitoring of all Unigy hardware and software. NMS can provide a single, consolidated view of all alarms deployed across the enterprise, which helps to simplify trading communications monitoring and troubleshooting, and can lower TCO.
For unmatched flexibility, scalability and control, you’ll want the centralized trading communications and trading communication monitoring capabilities of IPC’s Unigy Management System solution.


The Unigy Management System has an intuitive platform administration suite which gives IT administrators the ability to quickly and easily self-service the Unigy platform providing IT and the business increased management and responsiveness.


Unigy is a ground-breaking, unified, integrated platform for both trading communications and applications. It can make traders 30% more productive and IT operations 30% more efficient.