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Compliance and Governance – Voice Recording to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory reforms are increasing worldwide. Financial industry regulations like Dodd-Frank and MiFID II are changing the way trading firms operate. What are the best solutions for traders to collaborate while meeting voice recording requirements and ensuring compliance?

Today’s regulatory reforms demand transparency, and trader voice recording is a must. Many governments worldwide have come to require open communication between traders, compliance and trade support staff. This is why it’s in a trading firm’s best interest to invest in robust trader voice recording systems.
OTC derivatives trading is just one example where new reforms are driving more collaboration between teams and expansion of trader voice recording for compliance and trade execution. The United States requirement for dealers to maintain daily trading records of all swaps is boosting demand for trading voice recording and data archiving technologies. How will firms keep pace with the changes to stay compliant and stay profitable?
IPC offers multiple voice recording options such as IPC Media Recorder (IMR) and NICE Trading Recording (NTR). Both IMR and NTR offer secure and resilient recording for both trading floor and back office voice recording requirements. IMR and NTR help meet trader voice recording for compliance challenges.

Hoot and intercom solutions, such as IPC’s Unigy Pulse, Unigy Pulse Mobile and Unigy Pulse Enterprise also play a role in trader compliance, helping traders, compliance and trade support teams communicate with ease.


Unigy Pulse allows traders, back and middle office users to have instantaneous and seamless access to each other while increasing quality and the capabilities needed to keep communications flowing fast.


Unigy™ Pulse Enterprise, a new and revolutionary trading platform application developed for non-traders, simplifies communication and collaboration throughout the trade lifecycle.


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