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Deploying Trading Communications Infrastructure

Are your trading communications systems and global voice data networks designed for flexibility? Do they allow you to quickly control access, increase collaboration, reach new markets, adjust security parameters and meet the constantly changing needs of today’s traders?

Today’s financial firms need trading communications systems that allow for flexibility so they can quickly adapt to changes within the trading environment. IPC’s Unigy trading communications platform lets you do just that.

Unigy is a single, unified communications and applications platform that powers a wide range of state-of-the-art devices and apps that increase the flexibility and profitability of trading firms. And its built-in Unigy Management System enables rapid changes to meet new security, regulatory or other business needs such as controlling access and permissions.

Unigy supports the IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge turrets, which give traders and their support teams the ultimate flexibility in trading communications.

Unigy also powers the new Unigy Pulse device for easy, enterprise-wide hoot and intercom capabilities for instant collaboration.

Among Unigy’s innovative apps that further increase trading communications flexibility are trader apps such as Unigy Pulse Mobile for Apple iPad for hoot and intercom collaboration worldwide, IQ/MAX Omni for trader mobility so traders have their own turret capabilities from anywhere in the world, IQ/MAX Sync for integrating turrets with PCs, and Unigy QuickDial and FastFind apps for faster look-up of needed information.

Complementing and integrating with Unigy are IPC’s network services, which offer voice and data connectivity to capital market participants, specialized partners and market data providers. Among IPC’s Financial Markets Networks offerings are Connexus Financial Extranet, Direct Connect, Trader Voice and EVS.

The powerful combination of Unigy-driven devices and apps and IPC’s networks services give trading firms unprecedented flexibility in their deployed, global trading communications systems.


Connexus leverages IPC’s fast-growing network to provide you rapid trading connectivity to established, emerging and frontier markets.


Unigy is a ground-breaking, unified, integrated platform for both trading communications and applications. It can make traders 30% more productive and IT operations 30% more efficient.