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Using Financial Extranets to Gain Access to Global Liquidity

Access to a bigger, broader capital markets community is access to success. But how to you get such global access quickly and cost effectively?

You need to buy or sell a particular asset class, such as SWAPs, but if your potential market is limited, how do you find those who are looking to buy or sell? Are they in Singapore? Hong Kong? Toronto? You need a financial extranet that not only connects to markets, but also an array of venues within the market.  

For OTC derivatives and more, IPC’s Connexus financial extranet, can provide the access to global liquidity that expedites success. This feature-rich financial extranet gives firms the flexibility to reach established, emerging and frontier markets – all within a single platform.

Additionally, Connexus connects your firm to market data and applications providers that can equip traders with the financial information and tools they need to get and stay ahead in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. 

But for some firms dedicated, point-to-point connectivity to key locations, trading partners or liquidity venues may be required. For these specialized market data connectivity or liquidity venue needs, IPC’s  Direct Connect delivers the critical access through secure, flexible, transparent and native Ethernet connectivity over an enhanced delivery platform.

So regardless of what capital markets connectivity your firm requires, IPC can create the right winning combination with Connexus and Direct Connect to meet all your global liquidity access needs.


Connexus leverages IPC’s fast-growing network to provide you rapid trading connectivity to established, emerging and frontier markets.


Our portfolio of products Connexus, Direct Connect, Managed VPN, Colocation, Transport Solutions, Trader Voice and Enhanced Voice Services helps you connect and compete more successfully in electronic as well as voice trading throughout the world.