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Mobile Trading Platforms – Geographical Flexibility for Increased Profitability

Traders must be able to trade – regardless of whether there’s an unexpected office closure, a need to travel to other global offices, or an unforeseen personal emergency that keeps them away from the trading floor. What’s the best way to ensure traders can serve clients at any time, from anywhere?

In today’s 24-hour global marketplace, protecting a client’s investments and your firm’s profitability is tricky – especially if traders can’t trade.
That’s why traders must be equipped with a mobile trading platform for communicating and mobile trading apps to respond instantaneously to an opportunity or market crisis – wherever they are. IPC’s Unigy platform provides the backbone for IQ/MAX Omni, a soft turret, mobile trading app – that provides traders with all the capabilities of their trading floor turret on their laptops, for seamless mobile trading.
Hoot and intercom for collaboration are also available globally with Unigy Pulse Mobile, another IPC mobile trading app for trading communications. This mobile trading app for the iPad lets traders stay connected to worldwide support teams critical to trade execution.
Our web-enabled, mobile trading platform and mobile trading apps mean you have a BCP solution should a natural disaster or other disruption keep traders from the trading floor. Traders can travel between global offices without missing a beat, or trade from home or remote locations.
IPC’s mobile trading apps let traders securely communicate, collaborate and trade, so they can provide customers with the service they expect, while increasing the productivity and profitability of your firm.


The technology of IQ/MAX Omni soft turret puts the same power, control and intuitive user interface provided by Unigy powered IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge turrets to work virtually everywhere.


Unigy is a ground-breaking, unified, integrated platform for both trading communications and applications. It can make traders 30% more productive and IT operations 30% more efficient.