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Increasing Trader Productivity, Mobility and Flexibility with Unigy-Based Apps

Competitive advantage keeps customers satisfied and trading firms profitable. To gain it, traders must consistently increase their productivity so that deals get done faster. Do your traders have the apps they need to increase their productivity and improve the bottom line?

To stay ahead of the competition, trading firms need to increase trader productivity. IPC’s Unigy apps for trading productivity can help. These innovative apps increase search speed, data retrieval and communications so deals get done faster and more accurately.
IPC’s Unigy platform for unified trading communications and applications powers Unigy FastFind and Unigy QuickDial – two great apps for trading productivity – that simplify and accelerate directory and data searches, saving valuable time when and where it counts.
Unigy FastFind performs rapid searches of all contacts, enabling users to launch calls, emails or instant messages in less than two seconds. FastFind works with both the IQ/MAX turret suite of products and Unigy soft-clients.
QuickDial provides click-to-dial functionality directly from the user’s PC, and call control managed from any of the IQ/MAX turrets. QuickDial saves time by enabling users to launch calls directly from Microsoft Outlook,  a contact directory, application or website.
Another Unigy product, IQ/MAX Omni increases trader productivity by enabling traders to trade anytime, anywhere. IQ/MAX Omni helps firms eliminate worries about disruptions that prevent access to the trading floor, including concerns about traders traveling abroad, and unexpected office closings.
These innovative trader productivity apps combine to make Unigy a powerful tool for firms that want to gain a competitive edge by increasing trader productivity. Learn more about the Unigy platform and our trading productivity apps.


The Unigy FastFind application integrates your turret and PC, so you can instantly find and connect with contacts, no matter where they are stored.


The technology of IQ/MAX Omni soft turret puts the same power, control and intuitive user interface provided by Unigy powered IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge turrets to work virtually everywhere.


Unigy is a ground-breaking, unified, integrated platform for both trading communications and applications. It can make traders 30% more productive and IT operations 30% more efficient.