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Unigy Pulse – IPC’s Hoot and Intercom Device

Equip teams to connect, collaborate and close deals faster with Unigy Pulse – IPC’s hoot and intercom device

Connectivity and collaboration between traders and the middle and back office has never been more important.  And now, it's never been easier. Unigy's integrated hoot and intercom suite of products offers instantaneous and seamless communication between traders and research analysts, economists, portfolio managers, back office support and risk and compliance officers.

Unigy’s instant trading collaboration apps and devices provide powerful hoot, intercom, TV audio and customizable speaker channel integration so trade support teams can quickly connect to traders.

Only Unigy provides solutions designed specifically for traders, and middle and back office users via hardware, software and applications. Now IT managers can consolidate all of their hoot and intercom devices and apps on one system.


Unigy Pulse allows traders, back and middle office users to have instantaneous and seamless access to each other while increasing quality and the capabilities needed to keep communications flowing fast.