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A Heritage of Innovation

IPC® has a heritage of innovation that continues to run strong in our DNA today. Over the course of more than three decades we have brought many technological “firsts” to global financial trading markets. Some of these were big ideas that advanced the state-of-the-art in trading communications. Many, though, were small – the kind of every day nuances that often go unnoticed but that, cumulatively, have built our reputation for delivering trading systems and services with the highest quality, availability and resiliency.

IPC's IP Innovation
We introduced the first VoIP-based turret in 2001. We were first to offer mobile trading solutions. And first to offer seamless interoperability between SIP-based voice services and TDM-based voice services. Why our early focus on Internet Protocol communications – before it became “cool” and, later, required? Because IPC’s R&D teams carefully study emerging technologies, and because we stay strongly connected to the needs of our very specialized customer base. As a result, IPC understood early on that voice was going to become packetized and transmitted just like data, and we could envision the benefits that meant for our customers.

Hard Work and Investment
IPC’s visionary understanding comes from the R&D focus that is a part of our DNA, from the hard work, dedication and passion of hundreds of engineers over the course of several decades, and from our cumulative R&D investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the last decade alone. It also comes from a thorough understanding of who we are – and who we are not. We steadfastly focus on applying state-of-the-art technology where it will add value for our customers in the form of increased productivity, efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.