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Enhanced Voice Services – EVS

IPC’s Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) harness the potential of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and IP technologies to create valuable next-generation voice services that can form the core of your business continuity approach. What’s more, EVS seamlessly integrates with existing TDM networks.

EVSWith EVS, you don’t have to replace your existing infrastructure to get advanced SIP capabilities including simultaneous delivery of private line voice services to multiple locations, or the ability to trade seamlessly and uninterrupted in the event of a carrier fault.

EVS-BCP – for Maximum Protection

Eliminate the administrative overhead of managing redirect plans and constantly testing them. With EVS-BCP, services are delivered simultaneously to multiple locations enabling you to make and receive calls seamlessly. In practice, that means traders always can make calls from multiple locations with the same trader profile, including all their private lines, and incoming calls ring simultaneously at multiple locations and connect wherever they are answered. EVS-BCP supports ARD/MRD and hoot services, assuring global interoperability. EVS-BCP assures immediate access to trading partners, whether in a disaster recovery situation or merely when a trader is visiting another office away from home.

EVS-Link Redundancy – for Maximum Resiliency
Our Link Redundancy service enables continuous communications at any single site by delivering services simultaneously across diverse carrier access facilities. It can further add to the resiliency of your overall network by providing circuit and POP diversity.

EVS-Private Lines – for Maximum Flexibility
EVS IP-based, point-to-point private lines support ARD/MRD signaling, add more resiliency to an IPC® trading system, and are delivered over our secure private network, providing you with an easy migration path to our value-added Link Redundancy and BCP solutions. Like all EVS services, EVS-Private Lines can be turned up in less than a day when connecting to another member of IPC’s Financial Extranet – which, at 4,000 member institutions, is among the largest networked communities in the financial services industry.

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EVS simultaneously delivers Trader Voice services to multiple trader desktops, which can be located at a single or multiple sites to guarantee uninterrupted access to your most important partners.