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Trader Voice

IPC’s Trader Voice services are one of the cornerstones of our network services business. IPC’s platform in voice services provides us with the opportunity to develop new services and solutions that address evolving business issues faced by many trading institutions today. These include more stringent compliance requirements, trader mobility requirements, and BCP requirements.

Our Trader Voice services connect with the reliability, resiliency and speed that IPC Network Services provide globally. Our services are flexible; they will support any turret or PBX product. However, you can take advantage of value-added features when the services and the turrets are supplied by IPC, including:

• Advanced Fault Management, which provides proactive monitoring of the entire trading infrastructure to identify symptoms and faults before they become service problems.
• Total Circuit Management, which provides a circuit and database audit, grooming recommendations, service provisioning and relocation management.

• Direct SIP integration with the EVS service.

Maximum Speed to Trade
New Trader Voice services often are ready to use within hours, or even minutes, of a decision to deploy. That’s because IPC’s Financial Extranet includes 4,000 members globally, so there is high probability that the trading partner you want to reach already is part of our growing on-net community. Because IPC® carries extra capacity to each site, we deliver new services between Financial Extranet members with breathtaking speed.

Maximum Customer Service
IPC is committed to customer service, before, during and after your decision to deploy our services. Once your Trader Voice services are activated, we proactively monitor the health of the network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly skilled technical support teams are located in major financial centers globally to provide local support, and are tied together with standard processes for end-to-end service level consistency.
Maximum Access to Emerging Markets
At IPC, we continually extend our reach to new trading locations, enabling you to be first to access new markets as they emerge. We work with you to target new financial centers, and with our carrier partners to identify the best solutions to reach these new markets quickly, securely and cost effectively.

As an IPC customer, you can take advantage of our global backbone and multiple carrier relationships to further enhance service reliability. Because IPC has long-standing relationships with our underlying suppliers, we provide multiple diversity options for resilient site access and backbone transport. You can specify routes, cities and even data centers to include or avoid. We optimize network design to meet your unique requirements.

Maximum Performance
IPC continually invests in our network architecture to assure your trading services are scalable and restorable. Our network is designed with a core transport layer based on self-healing SONET/SDH ring technology wherever possible. Our service layer provides you with the most efficient delivery of Trader Voice services available. We back this up with a network management solution that can identify potential problems across multiple network elements.

Maximum Manageability
IPC’s customer service portal provides you with full access to tools you can use to manage your relationship with IPC, including:

 Complete service inventory
• Invoices and statements
• MTTR and trouble ticket history
• Auto alerts
• Financial Extranet list
• Capacity planning

• Quote and order status

By providing you with full access to information you need to manage your IPC inventory and interact with our service teams, you can further enhance your experience with IPC Network Services.

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