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Financial Trading Communication Products to Maximize Your Trading Systems Infrastructure

For decades, IPC Systems has been the leading innovator in financial trading communication products that keep financial market participants connected to opportunity.

The IPC Systems product line is IP-based and SIP-enabled. As a result, our dealerboards, workflow applications and backroom infrastructures provide state-of-the-art solutions for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR), trader productivity and mobility, and collaboration between traders and other enterprise specialists.

  • Dealerboards/Turrets

    IPC Systems’ award-winning IP dealerboards offer design innovation that enhances trader productivity and mobility. Whether in the form of desktop devices or software, IPC’s dealerboard family maximizes traders’ speed, control, and time-to-insight, so they can maximize their firm’s revenue. 

  • Unified Trading Communications Systems
    IPC’s resilient backroom communications infrastructure provides the core from which trader productivity and enterprise-wide collaboration grow. That core supports state-of-the-art BCP/DR, trader mobility, compliance, and security. Equally important: our global professional services and support teams can build the right environment for you anywhere in the world, whether you are a global investment bank or a boutique hedge fund.

  • Hoot and Intercom

    Hoot and Intercom are dedicated "always available" connections allowing for one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications to ensure the front, middle and back office can share information, get market updates and discuss details on trading orders.  The Unigy Platform provides unique Hoot and Intercom solutions designed to include all front, middle and back office users.

  • Applications

    IPC is leading the way with innovative software critical to an emerging vision of communications-enabled business applications that empower more productive collaboration between traders and analysts, researchers, and other middle- and back-office specialists throughout the enterprise. Blue Wave opens the power of application development within the Unigy solution, supporting the most comprehensive applications architecture in a trading communications system available today.

  • Voice Recording

    Our IP-based enterprise recording systems help maintain regulatory compliance while reducing cost and management overhead, compared with traditional voice recording solutions. We offer a portfolio of voice recording solutions to meet the needs of any customer.


Unigy is a ground-breaking, unified, integrated platform for both trading communications and applications. It can make traders 30% more productive and IT operations 30% more efficient.


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