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Trading Turrets and Dealerboards: Expanded IQ/MAX Turret Family

Based on the intuitive, trader-designed IQ/MAX trading turret – the leading IP turret on the market today – the expanded IQ/MAX family offers specific product options for every user involved in today’s trading workflow. From desktop trading turrets and dealerboards to mobile soft-turrets and desktop CTI clients, the IQ/MAX family of products is designed specifically to meet the needs of each user involved in the lifecycle of a trade.

The open and flexible nature of the Unigy solution provides more trading turret and dealerboard alternatives designed not just for traders, but also for trading support teams and small to mid-size firms looking for the best trading communications tools within reach.

Designed with the simple goal of fostering collaboration and increasing productivity, the IQ/MAX suite offers an array of solutions, including:

  • IQ/MAX

    The most powerful, function-rich turret enhances trader effectiveness and productivity.  IQ/MAX for Unigy features a brand new user interface (UI) that intuitively guides traders through their work.  The UI provides complete control over call history, contacts, speakers, intercom and private lines.  The vast array of new features, including Directories, Presence and an applications launch page, are designed to maximize traders’ productivity.  Each Unigy IQ/MAX turret comes with an IQ/MAX Sync soft-client that provides full remote control of the IQ/MAX turret from the PC.

  • IQ/MAX Edge

    Designed for both traders and non-traders and small to mid size firms, IQ/MAX Edge provides connectivity in smaller, more economical configurations.  The IQ/MAX Edge includes the same Unigy User Interface designed for the IQ/MAX, along with all of its benefits of Directories, Presence, application launch pad, IQ/MAX Sync client and trader control of speakers, intercom and private lines.

  • IQ/MAX Sync

    Provided with every IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge turret, traders can control turret functionality from their PC so they can continue to focus on their trading screens.  The IQ/MAX Sync allows traders to take advantage of all of their IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge features either from a PC or directly from the turret.  Traders and other Edge users can now work effectively from either and choose the one that best meets their need for speed, user control and access to counterparties or internal trade support teams.

  • IQ/MAX Omni

    The soft turret that allows mobility for remote users working from a PC as an efficient disaster recovery solution, or for users working from a remote alternate location.  The IQ/MAX Omni is designed for traders and non-traders alike, to both extend the enterprise and the business day.  Traders can maximize their performance both in and out of the office with Omni, which provides all of the Unigy turret functionalities and features.  For non-traders, the Omni becomes the primary  communications link to traders and all others across the trade lifecycle.  Researchers, analysts or client support teams can all work remotely, while still maintaining complete connectivity to the enterprise.


IQ/MAX® - designed to feel like an extension of a trader’s mind and body is introduced. IQ/MAX is designed by traders, for traders, and is IPC’s second-generation IP-based turret.