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Workflow Applications Maximize Enterprise Collaboration

IPC® is leading the way with innovative trading system software critical to an emerging vision of communications-enabled business workflow applications that empower more productive collaboration between traders and middle- and back-office specialists throughout the enterprise. We’ve integrated Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) into so many of our products and services specifically because SIP plays a crucial role in that vision. SIP supports voice, data and video streams equally well, and can combine these with presence information.

Today, finding the right analyst to answer a particular customer’s question can be a dauntingly complex process. Using SIP-enabled collaborative communication applications, however, it can be as simple as calling a network-based service that uses a combination of presence, financial customer information and business rules to locate the best person across any mode of communication – and ensure that person is currently available.

IPC’s workflow applications provide the building blocks necessary to achieve that vision.

  • Blue Wave Apps Development Platform

    Blue Wave opens the power of application development within the Unigy solution, supporting the most comprehensive applications architecture in a trading communications system available today.

  • Applications

    Unigy is the first Unified Trading Communications System that has been developed, from the ground up, with a resilient application platform.  The Unigy platform’s features have been built as applications that can be delivered to traders and across the business to research analysts, portfolio managers, risk & compliance managers, or anyone in trade support or IT operations.  More so, these applications can be delivered to specific traders, groups or targeted users for a cost effective utilization of each application.


Unigy’s new Blue Wave Application Development Platform is a revolutionary, open standards, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based environment that allows integrated communications functionality to be embedded into applications that support your trading workflow.