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IQ/MAX Maximizes Speed and Insight

Traders, like airplane pilots and racecar drivers, must make sense of large streams of fast-changing information and rapidly transform that information into crucial decisions. State-of-the-art function of the machines used by traders is necessary, but not sufficient for success. Traders require an interface with their devices that make those devices feel like extensions of their minds and bodies.

IIQ/MAX Turret/DealerboardQ/MAX® is the heart of IPC’s Trading Systems product line precisely because it fulfills those requirements for traders. IQ/MAX, IPC’s flagship turret/dealerboard, has state-of-the-art IP technology designed and built to address the specific special communications needs of the trader. The special functionality includes: multiple simultaneous voice paths (phone calls), up to 24; multiple speaker modules so traders can monitor multiple channels simultaneously; instant access to hundreds of different lines and speed dials; unlimited, seamless conferencing; and high availability and reliability. It is the user interface design, however, that renders all this advanced technology so easy to use and therefore truly sets IQ/MAX apart from other turrets.

Maximum Productivity
IQ/MAX’s trader-friendly design starts with the curve of its face, which invites contact, makes it easier to focus on the screens and buttons, and fits better within the limited space on a trader’s desk. The design continues with high-resolution active matrix screens that help logically organize multiple sources of real-time information to enhance trader productivity. The newly-designed screens were created to act as a filter to help the trader quickly recognize the most urgent and relevant calls, information and contacts in order to speed reaction time. In short, we designed IQ/MAX to help traders rapidly find the structure hidden in market chaos.

To create IQ/MAX, IPC® leveraged its own 35 years of financial markets experience and partnered with renowned industrial and user interface design firm frog design, inc. Read the story of the two-year R&D effort behind IQ/MAX in our white paper.

Maximum Features:

  • Enhanced User Interface, designed to communicate information quickly and clearly
  • Bright, high resolution active matrix TFT color screens allowing the end-user to quickly prioritize and filter information
  • Embedded applications, including Call List and Directory applications, give traders instant, easy access to the people they want to call
  • Space saving modular design to minimize footprint on the trader’s desk and preserve line of sight
  • Unique, compact “Backpack” module contains processor and memory, allowing for easy upgrades and increased modularity
  • Global Intercom capability for every turret, enabling intercom calls between all trading locations and even between turrets and off-floor users with only a PC
  • Instantaneous one-button replay of up to the last 20 seconds from any speaker channel
  • Enhanced programmability that maximizes the trader’s ability to customize their desktop
  • Custom designed acoustics that optimize bass-reflex response and improves intelligibility
  • Technical highlights: Linux operating system, dual network ports for redundancy, DHCP support, SNMP enabled, USB 2.0 port, processing power and memory to spare


IQ/MAX® - designed to feel like an extension of a trader’s mind and body is introduced. IQ/MAX is designed by traders, for traders, and is IPC’s second-generation IP-based turret.