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Diversity and Inclusion

IPC Ambition Statement

IPC is a Global company operating in over 60 countries and is comprised of a culturally diverse employee team. In order to continuously attract, retain and nurture the best talent in our industry, IPC commits to promoting diversity across our workforce and fostering a sense of belonging within our team. IPC’s Diversity & Inclusion Program will focus on actively engaging employees by improving support and development with no prejudice as to characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, culture, language or physical and cognitive disabilities.The program will leverage and celebrate individual’s differences to achieve greater success for employees and our company goals.

Our Commitment

Internal target for gender diversity: female representation in senior roles (SVP, VP and directors) 30% by 2022 in UK and Globally

IPC has joined the Stonewall Diversity Champions (DC) program, a global program that provides IPC access to research, best practices, participation in the workplace Equality Index, policy review, marketing and promotion, and a network of 750 organizations; many of which are IPC clients.

Stonewall is offering a wide range of resources and opportunities to support activities within IPC as well as connect with the other market participants. We kick off our participation by offering IPC employees in EMEA the opportunity to participate in two key events organized by Stonewall this year. These events are a great opportunity for ANY IPC employee to learn about LGBT diversity, network, and bring this knowledge, experience, and energy back in IPC in order to support diversity and inclusion.