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IPC Deploys an Integrated Voice and Data Solution for CRT Capital Group

The solution offers increased collaboration and reliable, latency-sensitive connectivity.

"IPC’s® managed network enables CRT to provide unparalleled value to our clients. The IPC TRADERVoice solution facilitates trades and capital commitment by connecting us to trading counterparties. We are also able to efficiently execute difficult block trades that lack liquidity through IPC’s dedicated high bandwidth electronic connection to a leading inter-dealer broker.”
– Nick Mancini, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure, CRT Capital Group


Quick Facts

CUSTOMER: CRT Capital Group (“CRT”), a provider of security brokerage and research services to institutional clients around the world. Based in Stamford, CT, CRT is the firm of choice for asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds and investment firms.

Needed to expand its trade execution platform through rapid activation and deployment of trader voice private lines and electronic connectivity to various
market participants.

IPC’s Connexus Ethernet and TRADERVoice Service


  • Extensive community of market participants and highly scalable solutions enables CRT to provide prompt and high value services to institutional clients
  • IPC’s technology enables CRT to touch all aspects of the trade lifecycle and to create a trading ecosystem
  • IPC’s managed network enables both high-touch and low-touch trading, allowing for collaboration and reliable, latency-sensitive connectivity

CRT Capital Group (“CRT”) provides security brokerage and research services to nearly 1,000 institutional accounts with established counterparty relationships around the world.

CRT has consistently provided its clients with creative, idea-driven advice and solutions through targeted research and trading of high-yield, distressed, convertible and emerging market debt securities and equities. Regulatory and competitive pressures were driving CRT’s need for increased collaboration and reliable, latency-sensitive connectivity. As a result, CRT was looking for a network provider with an established community of global liquidity venues, knowledge of the various sources of latency and agility to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. To expand its trade execution platform, CRT required an integrated suite of network services offerings that would help fill orders for its institutional clients and for its own account.

In summary, CRT wanted to partner with a network provider with a strategic global footprint and expertise on the requirements for both high-touch and low-touch trading. Connectivity was an important element of the firm’s long-term strategy of expanding client contact while lowering total cost of ownership.

When evaluating solutions, IPC’s established community of liquidity venues, buy-side firms, sell-side firms, inter-dealer brokers, market data providers and independent software vendors played an influential role in CRT‘s process of selecting IPC as its network provider.

IPC deployed its resilient, dedicated high bandwidth Connexus Ethernet solution from CRT to a leading inter-dealer broker. The connection to the interdealer-broker allows CRT to trade with other market dealers and execute block trades. IPC also rapidly activated and deployed over 120 TRADERVoice private lines from CRT to various market participants in its trading ecosystem, providing CRT traders with instant, reliable, and secure voice connectivity to counterparties.

CRT successfully leveraged IPC’s robust technology architecture to offer enhanced trade execution services to its clients by expanding its connectivity options with counterparties.

CRT is also exploring the possibility of including IPC’s Enhanced Voices Services (EVS) as a key component of its business continuity planning and disaster recovery strategy. EVS delivers link redundancy and a high-level of service resiliency so traders can easily access their dedicated communications services and conduct business in an emergency situation. IPC’s managed network has allowed CRT to capitalize on the historic opportunity provided by today’s markets to enable clients with value-added sales and trading advice and execution.

CRT Capital Group LLC Spotlight

CRT Capital Group LLC provides security brokerage and research services to nearly 1,000 institutional accounts with established counterparty relationships around the world. The firm was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.