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Join Us: IPC & TABB Group Webinar

Join us as our speakers Robert Powell, IPC's Director of Compliance, and Dayle Scher, Senior Analyst at TABB Group discuss how to create and implement a successful zero tolerance culture and its importance.

They will also discuss the risks and pitfalls of social media and the many forms of ‘zero evidence’ compliance communications that exist today, as well as share some current examples of the challenges companies are currently facing for non-compliance with regulatory requirements.


Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time: 11:00 AM EST

Duration: 1 hour

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Meet the Speakers

Rober Powell


Robert Powell
Director of Compliance
IPC Systems Inc.


Robert has worked in the financial markets for nearly 30 years. Initially working in banks and financial institutions, in the last ten years he's focused on the records retention space working at Bloomberg and Global Relay. His involvement with communication monitoring, surveillance and some of the highest profile cases in recent history, such as LIBOR and the foreign exchange markets investigations, has allowed him a unique insight into records retention, monitoring, surveillance and behavioral analysis. Robert frequently speaks at industry events and has been at the forefront of the emergence of new technologies and practices. In 2012 he joined Etrali Trading Solutions to become the Global Head of Compliance & Product Management to further the extensive Etrali knowledge in the compliance space. Etrali was acquired by IPC solutions in 2016 and Robert has been appointed as the Director of Compliance. Robert is credited with being one of the few people to make financial markets compliance “interesting”.
For more information please contact Robert directly.

Dayle Sher
Dayle Scher
Senior Analyst
TABB Group


Dayle Scher joined TABB Group in August 2015 as a senior analyst where she focuses on the technology and equities practices, in addition to consulting projects.  She brings more than 25 years of experience in the capital markets, with expertise in the business processes and technologies impacting the institutional securities industry.

Prior to joining TABB Group, Dayle was a vice president at State Street Global Exchange where she supported the development and commercialization of information and analytics solutions, including go-to-market and communications strategies. Prior to joining State Street in December 2010, Dayle was a Research Director in the Securities & Investments practice at CEB TowerGroup where her research covered a variety of functions in investment management including operational risk, technology spending, data management and governance. Scher started her career working in the investment management industry, both at Morgan Stanley Investment Management in London and New York and at MFS Investment Management in Boston.