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IPC Appoints Neil Barua as Chief Executive Officer Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - Jersey City, NJ


IPC’s Connexus Enables Market Participants to Gain Competitive Edge by Consuming FFastFill Applications
FFastFill’s technology-e­fficient Horizon service successfully removes the requirement for expensive third party connectivity or time-consuming broker-to-broker integration activities, resulting in reduced time to market and much greater ‑extensibility in terms of broker coverage.  With the proliferation of trading venues, firms increasingly need access where they do not hold memberships. Services like Horizon can create that access quickly, cheaply and effi­ciently and are set to change the way clients trade on new markets. We are delighted that IPC is making the service available to its global community.
Robert Walton, 
Managing Director, Business Development, 


IPC Multicast Technology
Optimizing Market Data Delivery to Trade Profitably.