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Tap into proven technologies to build connections and fuel collaboration. Our network solutions enable you to connect to the counterparties you need across the global financial markets.

Exchanging Information

Real-time information and collaboration drives more productive client interactions. Our portfolio of communications solutions and products, are designed to deliver reliable access— anytime, anywhere.

Mitigating Risk

Transform compliance from a regulatory obligation into competitive advantage. Our solutions help you capture, archive, retain and access critical interactions.

In conversation with Neil Barua

IPC Systems' CEO speaks with Intercontinental Finance & Law about all things IPC

First published in Intercontinental Finance & Law - first published July 11, 2017.

Neil Barua, CEO of IPC

I became CEO of IPC in 2014 after serving as an Operating Partner at Silver Lake Partners, a leading technology focused private equity firm.  Since then my focus has been ensuring IPC remains a key partner as our customers navigate the new challenges of an increasingly regulated and rapidly changing marketplace. This was accomplished via the sale of IPC to Centerbridge partners and series of acquisitions.

Prior to Silver Lake I was an Operating Advisor at private equity firm Francisco Partners. I was also part of the executive leadership team that took telecommunications company Global Crossing through a restructuring and subsequent sale to Level 3 Communications. While at Global Crossing, I held a number of positions — including Managing Director of its $700 million+ enterprise services division.                                              

IPC Systems

IPC is an American company headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, that provides voice communication systems for financial companies. It connects all aspects of the financial industry, creating a secure, compliant and productive community. As one of the leading providers of trading communications solutions market, the company provides seamless networking and market access, as well as compliant communications information governance – products and services across the data lifecycle, from capture to archive to retrieval and beyond.

Founded in 1973, IPC has built one of the largest dedicated and secure communities of financial market participants with 6,000 connected locations in 700 cities with over 200,000 users.  We work with all of the top 50 global banks, many of the largest management and asset management firms, hedge funds and more than 70 of the world’s top exchanges and liquidity venues. 


While there is a wave of fintech innovation coming to the fore, IPC stands out for the level and depth of its expertise. For over 40 years, IPC has the most robust, global network in the world dedicated to the Global Financial Markets geared to offering alpha generation, liquidity sourcing and risk management.

Through acquisitions, the company has further strengthened the expertise that financial firms need to remain compliant with ever evolving and stringent regulations, such as MiFID II, without impacting their business or connections. We interpret regulatory guidelines across the global landscape and develop specialised compliance solutions for capturing, archiving, retaining and accessing critical interactions.

We also provide unparalleled information intelligence to help firms drive productivity. Indeed, we go beyond compliance and turn data into a competitive asset. By giving customers access to their trade lifecycle and communications data, IPC helps firms anticipate and solve problems, setting the standard with industry expertise, a high standard of service and comprehensive technology in both on-premise and cloud-based environments.

Role as CEO

This is a very exciting time to be at IPC and I am glad to be here. The industry has been undergoing a shift in how business is conducted.

From complex regional regulatory requirements that impact global banks to new technologies that open new horizons our customers are facing a host of challenges. I believe the work we have been doing since I got here is going to ensure that IPC remains a valuable partner – a trusted advisor even - to our customers as they navigate this increasingly complex environment.

IPC is lucky in that Centerbridge Partners, our owners, understand our potential and are committed to helping us succeed. We have accomplished a lot already and I look forward to introducing new capabilities and products that continue to strengthen our unique selling point in the coming months and years.

Management style          

In an industry that is experiencing change the most important thing to do is to listen – to our customers, our employees and our vendors. Listening leads you to solutions that are more effective than those potentially developed in a vacuum. Therefore it is important to have an open and collaborative style where you get your information from a variety of sources.

It is also essential to be transparent as possible because if people understand the issues the company is facing their suggestions become more powerful. Their recommendations are tied to a clearer idea of our strategy. We are positioned to do a lot of great things and it is all thanks to a collaborative approach with both with our employees and our customers.


The financial industry is undergoing a huge transformation with regulations such as Dodd-Frank and MiFID II pushing firms to readdress their communication strategies. We are a global company and one of the biggest challenges is staying close to our customers, whilst continuing to innovate and evolve the company when working in one of the most fast-paced, regulated and demanding industries.

Luckily, IPC is in a fortunate position in that we are expanding at a rapid rate and we work with the best-in-class partners in the business. This, along with our high standards of service, pervades the company, ensuring our customers are fully educated on the changes happening within the industry and are able to trust our products to keep pace with the constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

Aims, goals and achievements

Our goal is to build the world’s leading secure, compliant community for our customers to allow them to exchange information, connect to counterparties and derive intelligent insights that help their business.  We are doing this by working closely with our customers and sharing our expertise, taking on board their feedback and building products that help them overcome their challenges and drive their business further.

Over the last year, we have boosted our global scale, acquiring a significant additional presence around continental Europe.  A key goal for us is to move into adjacent markets, such as cloud, data governance and analytics, networking and software defined networks. Our strength in compliance brings us closer into the enterprise and we want to build on this, expanding our expertise to benefit our network community even further.

The last couple of years have been huge for the company, with acquisitions helping us meet our goal of becoming a global leader in building a ubiquitous, secure, compliant and productive community for the financial industry.

Our rebranding last year built on our legacy and reflects our enhanced focus on customer solutions in the areas of compliance and regulatory adherence, the financial markets community and communications. 


We had a very successful 2016. In addition to the completion of the one of our largest acquisitions at the beginning of the year, we finalised two of the largest global network and communications deals in IPC history.

We have also driven IPC’s partnerships with fintech entrepreneurs and innovators. Also, in less than three years, IPC has grown from 900 employees to approximately 1,500 worldwide. 

In 2017, we aim to build upon this success and continue to pave the way in helping the financial industry overcome the challenges associated with the ever-stringent regulations due to be enforced in 2018.