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IPC to Present During Keynote Address at Actiance Unleash 2017 Summit

Lionel Grosclaude, IPC's Senior Vice President of Risk and Compliance will discuss IPC’s collaboration with Actiance

New York – May 17, 2017 - IPC is proud to announce one of the company’s thought leaders, Lionel Grosclaude, IPC’s Senior Vice President of Risk and Compliance, will present during the keynote address at Actiance Unleash 2017 Summit in New York, NY to be held on May 24, 2017 at the Convene Conference Center. The conference is designed to bring together Actiance leaders, customers, partners and industry experts for a day of sessions and presentations discussing the latest advancements in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics.

The first presenter during Actiance CEO Kailash Ambwani’s keynote address, Lionel Grosclaude, will discuss IPC’s collaboration with Actiance which enables it to offer its more than 6,000 financial services customers worldwide a scalable and cost-effective cloud-based or premise-based archive solution via Actiance’s Alcatraz solution that not only stores and catalogues digital communications data, but also voice communications. The aim is to enable financial services companies to streamline and simplify the process by which they archive their information in order to comply with evolving and complex regulatory demands globally. The IPC/Alcatraz solution facilitates retention policy implementation and provides the ability to efficiently search, analyze, and access information across all media types related to a single transaction or interaction, or as many as may be needed.

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