Connecting the Global Financial Community

Tap into proven technologies to build connections and fuel collaboration. Our network solutions enable you to connect to the counterparties you need across the global financial markets.

Exchanging Information

Real-time information and collaboration drives more productive client interactions. Our portfolio of communications solutions and products, are designed to deliver reliable access— anytime, anywhere.

Mitigating Risk

Transform compliance from a regulatory obligation into competitive advantage. Our solutions help you capture, archive, retain and access critical interactions.

Real-time Collaboration

How can you strengthen business relationships and drive competitive advantage while decreasing risk? Choose IPC’s integrated, real-time collaboration software and endpoints.

The dynamic business of the financial markets happens on a global scale, with multiple parties collaborating around the world. To turn split-second decisions into profitable, compliant and traceable results, you need integrated communications software, applications and endpoints.

Unigy Pulse Enterprise makes it easy to connect everyone in the enterprise who is involved in creating, executing and clearing trades, without the need for dedicated hoot and intercom devices. IPC’s innovative PC-based client is designed to provide seamless hoot and intercom capabilities right from the desktop, saving space and expense.

a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution powering communications and collaboration for the worldwide regulated user community

In today’s trading environment, you face more regulations, more complex deals and more competitive pressures than ever. Regulations, such as Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, are fueling an unprecedented need to separate relevant information from vast data pools. And, with traders no longer working in isolation, they need to interact efficiently with multiple people across a variety of devices.

The name of the game is efficient communications: Do everything faster and better for your clients, or face losing them. When the stakes are high, why settle for last-generation technology to handle trading workflow?

Designed by, and for, traders, IQ/MAX TOUCH and IQ/MAX are the ultimate communications tools. As highly specialized, multi-line, multi-speaker trading turrets, IQ/MAX TOUCH and IQ/MAX offer unmatched power, speed, clarity and control for today’s rapidly changing and competitive financial markets. Engineered specifically to improve communications, they feature state-of-the-art IP technology, an advanced user interface and a long list of features that allow for traders to choose exactly what they need.

Give your middle- and back-office staff quick connectivity to the trading floor with Unigy Pulse—a compact hoot and intercom device from IPC. With Unigy Pulse, deals can get done faster. What’s more, Pulse delivers hoot, intercom, TV audio and customizable speaker channel integration—eliminating the need for PBX phones or other intercom vendor equipment that consumes valuable desk space.

About Us

IPC brings together a financial community of 6,000+ that spans most asset classes and types of market participants. IPC collaborates to make them secure, productive, compliant and connected.


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