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Hedge Funds Seek Reliable Connectivity to Counterparties –Without Big IT Cost


by Tiffany Uffleman, Senior Marketing Manager, IPC

The financial community is increasingly made up of many small- to medium-sized firms. And as their businesses grow, so does their need for reliable connectivity to counterparties.

For sourcing liquidity, achieving best execution, generating alpha and providing risk-assessed trading strategies for clients, firms of moderate size and budgets are looking for communication solutions without the high investment of both time and money in a complex IT infrastructure. So the demand for cloud-based services is soaring – offering the opportunity to have it all without needing to give your all to fund, monitor and maintain.

Hedge funds – along with private equity firms, insurance companies, and pension funds, to name just a few buy-side firms – are among those market participants that depend on connectivity to market data providers, trade life cycle services and sell-side firms. Recently we worked with a New York City-based hedge fund in need of secure, flexible and compliant connections to its counterparties.

The fund was searching for a solution that would provide mobility, scalability, agility, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and on-demand access to a large and diverse community of market participants. This included the need to readily connect to market makers to source liquidity in the increasingly illiquid secondary fixed-income markets.

To achieve all these needs cost effectively, they evaluated and deployed a cloud-based solution, specifically IPC’s recently launched Unigy 360. Increasingly, other innovative and successful market participants are turning to such Software as a Service models to execute trading strategies and manage associated risks without having to invest in or provide ongoing maintenance to their own infrastructure.   

As a result, a cloud-based solution – such as Unigy 360 – enables small to medium-sized market participants to:

  • Access counterparties, liquidity and trade lifecycle services reliably, securely and at any time, from anywhere and with any device
  • Meet regulatory requirements, including capture, archiving analytics and retrieval of all voice, mobile, email and IM associated with communications
  • Execute complex cross-asset class trading strategies
  • Mitigate business, operational, investment process and market risk
  • Avoid capital expenditures in network technology and operational costs

So, while the forecast for many market participants to have efficient, reliable and secure connectivity for communications once seemed, at best, cloudy, the arrival of innovative cloud-based applications – with powerful capabilities for collaboration and compliance – is making the sky much brighter for buy-side firms.