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IPC’s Unigy® 360 provides hedge funds a secure cloud-based (SaaS) communications solution

Quick Facts


A New York based hedge fund with billions in AUM which employs long/short strategies and invests in the global public equity, fixed income, futures and options markets.


Our client required a scalable, easily deployable, secure, managed communications solution with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and minimal upfront investment and IT support. They also needed flexible and compliant connectivity to over 90 counterparties including dealers, prime brokers, market makers and regional banks in order to source liquidity, discover prices, achieve best execution, lower transaction costs and mitigate risk.


IPC’s Unigy 360 – a cloud based, software as a service (SaaS) communications solution.


The hedge fund, based in New York City, provides its services to high net worth individuals and institutional clients. It invests in fixed income, equity and alternative investments and uses currency futures and options as well as long/short strategies to hedge risk. Successfully executing trading strategies requires reliable and secure access to a host of counterparties including dealers, market makers, prime brokers, regional banks, trading platforms, liquidity venues, and clearing and settlement services. The firm also performs fundamental and technical analysis when selecting its investments which require connectivity to market data providers, trade life cycle services and sell-side research teams. They needed secure, flexible and compliant connections to counterparties for financing, borrowing securities (via prime brokers), and accessing execution and post-trade services. This connectivity enables them to capture liquidity, achieve best execution, harvest alpha and provide superior risk-adjusted returns for clients.

Our client wanted to focus on its core business of generating returns for clients and not spend valuable time and resources negotiating contracts, allocating physical real estate to servers and communications hardware, worrying about network communication, and staffing an IT support team. They recognized the need to partner with someone that could deliver a managed communications platform from start to finish and was exclusively focused on serving the financial markets. It was important to them to select a provider that understood their priorities, workflows, and specific requirements.


The fund researched and evaluated several communications providers with the goal of obtaining mobility, scalability, agility, low TCO and on-demand access to a large and diverse community of market participants. This included the ability to readily connect to market makers and price makers to source liquidity in the increasingly illiquid secondary fixed income markets. IPC’s Unigy 360 cloud-based (SaaS) platform was selected for its simplified yet comprehensive and customizable qualities and extensive ready-made financial ecosystem. The Unigy 360 platform also enabled the fund to improve its internal workflows and allowed traders, researchers, portfolio managers, risk managers, compliance professionals, technologists, settlement personnel and operations staff to collaborate efficiently on idea generation, optimal idea expression, sizing positions, managing risk and conducting research by creating highly secure and reliable connections within the company.


IPC’s Unigy 360 enabled our client to easily and securely connect to its counterparties throughout the trade lifecycle while reducing operating costs and IT infrastructure expenses. Unigy 360 is fully managed and the client can leverage IPC’s 24/7/365 world-class support team to monitor and maintain its communications platform. The client was up and running quickly and securely and was able to tailor individual workflows to drive productivity while reallocating the saved time and resources to focusing on their core business of delivering high returns to clients.