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The 20 Billion Opportunities You Should be Capitalizing On: The Network Effect


by Shanna McEachern, Manager, Field Marketing, Americas, IPC

Now, we’re all powerful in our own means. But if you’ve ever gotten a job through a referral, avoided a tourist trap because you knew a local, or sipped a free drink because you went to college with the bar owner, you know the benefits of building a network.

We all know that person. We see them gallivanting to all the events, celebrating at everyone’s birthday, and standing as a member of the wedding party for what must be the 10th time. How? This is the friend who has perfected the art of networking and is now bathing in the benefits.

Now, not all of us need or want to be a social butterfly, but thankfully, the value of the network effect runs deep. Through our network, we’re challenged in our perceptions and driven to diversify and grow. We’re exposed to new ideas and opportunities, and connected to collaborators who can help make those ideas a reality. This is why we connect.

By Metcalfe’s Law, the value of a network is directly proportional to the number of users within that network. As the number of users increases, the number of possible cross-connections grow exponentially, and the inherent value flourishes.

Today IPC has over 6,000 market participant locations and 200,000 professional traders on its Financial Markets Cloud. That translates to 18 million potential connections and 20 billion opportunities for interaction. That’s effectively limitless collaboration. What does you and your business do with your network right now? What could you do with your network?

If you or your firm are looking for new opportunities to grow or diversify, it may help to hear brief stories of three of our existing clients. These three clients are all part of the IPC’s global financial ecosystem and need to connect and collaborate in order to drive business growth. These are stories of how real businesses are driving value to the world around them and how we – IPC and the client – go to market together to find that potential opportunity.

The Municipal Bonds Desk in a Large Canadian Bank
Connecting wealth managers and traders across the continent

At this bank, the municipal bonds trading desk is physically co-located in an office next to a group of wealth managers, who they need to communicate with regularly to provide new investment ideas. Within this office, communication can be made personal with real, face-to-face interaction. Yet what of the several other wealth managers scattered throughout the country, who the municipal bonds desk equally need to speak with? And on the flip side, what of the other traders who these wealth managers need to speak to when building out a more rounded investment portfolio? Any given manager may also interact with FX, equities, fixed income, commodities and derivatives trading desks.

What’s more, every trader at every desk will need to connect with a number of different brokers to source liquidity. All of these interactions are made seamless through the IPC ecosystem. Traders connect to their counterparties to find the best price and execute a trade, building out portfolios for the wealth managers so as to ultimately grow a return for the investors – the bank’s clients. To the investor, this fund might be a retirement savings account or their child’s education fund. To the issuer of the bonds being held within the portfolio, this will have raised capital to fund projects throughout the community – whether that be the building of schools, bridges, or hospital renovations. So in bridging the communication, we’re helping Sarah go to school, and Delaware to build a bridge.

The New York Branch of a Leading European Investment Bank
Never falling out of touch with their European headquarters

Another client – this one a proud user of Unigy® 360 - is a leading corporate and investment bank in Europe, employing over 50,000 people and servicing 16.5 million customers. This client expanded its presence to the US in 2011, operating as a broker-dealer from New York City. With this expansion, the client can service North American institutional clients. Yet with an ocean and several time zones between the New York branch and the European desks, this client faced feelings of isolation and an impeded workflow. Unigy® 360 was a perfect fit for the New York office. Affixed with a single, mission-critical hoot to Vienna with built-in disaster recovery, New York was speaking to Vienna as though they were sat next to each other. And in using our soft client, the New York users can conduct business with Europe from the comfort of their own home first thing in the morning. Never missing a beat. That’s seamless, secure, dependable connectivity.

An Innovative OMS/EMS Provider / FinTech Company
Building a custom app to integrate with IPC devices and using the network to source new business

The third client I’ll mention is a fascinating story for the way in which IPC works hand-in-hand to find improvement. This client is inspiring us to think about new ways in which collaboration can build business.

The customer is a FinTech company and an industry-leader in providing next-generation OMS, EMS and FIX routing software (which would normally be displayed on your computer screens). This client already connects to the various exchanges over IPC’s network, which allows them to service THEIR clients with a cost-effective, dependable solution. They are now taking things a step further and designing a custom application that integrates with the IPC Touch turret. Now the OMS / EMS software can be launched directly on the Touch expansion module, both saving precious screen real-estate and allowing for rapid navigation with a touch display. The integration enables thousands of customer locations on the IPC network to be brought closer to this client, and in turn, the customers of this client closer to IPC. That’s networking, collaboration and community at its finest.

How else can IPC and its clients work together to find improvement? Is there something more that IPC can be doing with any of you, in new, deeper partnerships?

Feel the network effect. Find your counterparties. Realize new potential.

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