Integrated & Innovative Collaboration

Your traders need solid insights and fast support from other team members, the middle and back-office support. What they don’t need are outdated PBX phones and complicated devices. Unigy® Pulse solutions give your support teams more and better options to connect with the rest of the team, while eliminating the need for more equipment. Bring instant and seamless communication to your trading environment, while consolidating all your hoot and intercom devices and apps on one state-of-the art system. See communications improve. Deals get done faster. And your tech team breathe a sigh of relief.

Unigy® Pulse:
A compact hoot and intercom device that provides hoot, intercom, TV audio and customizable speaker channel integration so support teams can quickly connect to the trading floor.

Unigy® Pulse Enterprise:
Innovative PC-based client provides seamless hoot and intercom capabilities throughout your enterprise without the need for added hardware.

Unigy® Pulse Mobile:
Off-floor users can communicate directly and securely with traders from any location using an Apple® iPad®. The application includes up to eight speakers, intercom, directories, presence and call history.