Whether you’re a global investment bank or a boutique hedge fund, you need systems that provide resiliency, flexibility and peace of mind. Financial market customers around the world trust IPC’s IP-based and SIP-enabled trading communications systems to improve trader productivity and enterprise-wide collaboration. With Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery options; mobility, compliance and security features; and a global team of professionals who can configure the right trading communications environment for your needs, IPC has a solution to help you rest easier at night.

Alliance MX

Alliance MX is IPC’s core platform for trading system applications. A unique switching architecture provides maximum resiliency and reliability, and enables you to integrate your trading communications with the rest of your communications infrastructure.


IPC’s Enterprise Administration Server (EASe) adds more trader mobility and system resiliency to your enterprise-trading infrastructure, significantly enhancing your Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery plan.

Nexus Suite™

Nexus Suite creates a trading communications infrastructure that is more flexible and cost-effective than older technologies. With Nexus’ technology you can enable multi-site line sharing, provide trading turret resources to others who do not have a turret, and support dial tone line forking in dual data center architectures.


IQ/IMPACT integrates IQ/MAX trading turrets and traders’ PCs so customer information from CRM databases can be accessed in real time when calls come in, or as traders calls out.

MAXaccess 1000®

MAXaccess 1000 lets traders access nearly all the functions of their home-office trading turrets with a PC, broadband Internet connection and phone. It’s an ideal component to any Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery plan.