Enhanced Voice Services

Add leading-edge enhancements to your existing telecommunications infrastructure with IPC’s Enhanced Voice Services (EVS). Developed specifically for the trading floor, EVS enables seamless call delivery and receipt from multiple locations, so traders can conduct business without interruption or delay due to emergency situations.

For dependable connectivity to your trading counterparties, you can’t afford to have anything less than a dedicated, always-on capability. IPC’s Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) helps you ensure that your voice trading communications can continue without interruption and designed for always-on availability.

Cost-effective and easy to implement, EVS enables you to add SIP-based capabilities and incremental resiliency to your existing telecommunications infrastructure. And when connecting to one of the over 6,000 members of the IPC Financial Markets Network, EVS services can be ready to use within hours, or even minutes, of a decision to deploy.

Eliminate the administrative overhead of managing and testing redirect plans. EVS is a unique SIP solution that provides robust business continuity protection for your firm by simultaneously delivering calls to multiple locations for immediate access to trading partners.

EVS also enables continuous communications at any single site by delivering services simultaneously across diverse carrier access facilities. It can add further resiliency to your overall network by providing circuit and POP diversity.

Add maximum flexibility to your infrastructure with EVS IP-based, private lines. EVS supports ARD/MRD signaling, adds more resiliency to an IPC trading system, and is designed to provide you with an easy migration path to our value-added link redundancy and BCP solutions.