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Unigy® Connect for Salesforce.com is a web-based application that integrates with Salesforce.com and provides users telephony controls for the IQ/MAX TOUCH, IQ/MAX or IQ/MAX Edge turret. Thanks to the Unigy Connect Call Management sidebar, this product offers you full visibility and control over calls.

When time is of the essence, Unigy Connect for Salesforce.com empowers users to click on any phone number within Salesforce.com and initiate a call on the IQ/MAX family of products. While on a call, notes added can be automatically included in the Activity History of the contact. Incoming calls are matched to contacts in Salesforce, providing contextual information about the caller. Access private lines through the Unigy Connect Call Management sidebar, use a dial pad to initiate dial-tone calls, or dial digits during a call to make intercom calls. The solution also empowers users to control their existing calls: initiate mute, hold, transfer and release.