Blue Wave® Apps Development

The Blue Wave Development Platform gives you access to APIs and the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop your own business-specific applications. Create the applications you want, when you want them—using your own technology team, IPC’s systems expertise or an external technology partner. With the Blue Wave Development Platform, you can build custom applications to address your unique, mission-critical and complex business needs.

Using the Blue Wave Development Platform, customers can quickly and cost effectively develop new applications to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Streamline manual processes
  • Address customer service challenges
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Enhance trader productivity
  • Generate more revenue
  • Achieve greater transparency
  • Integrate systems and data feeds

Unigy Applications

Need to increase search speed and data retrieval? Looking for a mobile solution for your traders? IPC’s powerful Unigy apps address many of your trading teams’ most pressing needs. Best of all, IPC’s applications can be cost-effectively delivered to specific traders, groups or targeted users.

CTI/CRM Integration

What if your telephone system could really talk to your computer and vice-versa? Imagine how much time and effort that would save—and how it would enable your traders to concentrate on what they do best.

As traders’ desktops have evolved, we have seen the advent of multiple systems, most of which are used every day as part of a trader’s workflow. The problem is that the systems often remain separate, and efforts to integrate them can prove lengthy and costly.

IPC can help you to integrate your systems and run more efficiently. Why not update your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform straight from the dealer turret? Or use the CRM to trigger actions on the turret? Or make voice notes from the turret straight to the CRM?

For your specific CTI and CRM needs, reach out to IPC to help you boost productivity—and make the most of your systems investment.