Unigy 360 is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution engineered to deliver innovation, economics, and powerful new capabilities for global financial market participants. Unigy 360 offers the advantages of IPC’s industry-leading Unigy platform for unified communications and applications along with the simplicity and scalability of a cloud-based solution. The solution also includes the Unigy 360 application which is designed to provide reliable, secure, and “anytime, anywhere, any device” access to counterparties, liquidity sources, and trade lifecycle services.

Market participants that implement Unigy 360 become part of one of the world’s largest and most diverse financial ecosystems comprised of buy-side firms, sell-side firms, inter-dealer brokers, listed and OTC liquidity venues, trade lifecycle service providers, market data vendors, and clearing/settlement firms. All regulated users in a firm, including traders, researchers, portfolio managers, risk managers, compliance professionals, technologists, settlement personnel, and operations staff, can leverage Unigy 360 for mission-critical external communications and internal workflows.

Unigy 360 serves as a powerful catalyst and an innovative solution for addressing the most complex and challenging communications and workflow requirements of regulated users in the global financial markets. The solution can prove pivotal in enabling price discovery, best execution, alpha generation, and liquidity sourcing for clients while mitigating operational, market, business, and investment process risks.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Unigy 360 offers scalability that allows firms to add services and users where and when they need them, with no large up-front investment of resources and costs, a rapid time-to-market, and no lengthy installation or deployment process. Unigy 360 is designed to be customizable, on-demand, and cost-effective.

Unigy 360 supports multiple profiles that can be tailored with the features and applications relevant for a firm’s individual users and their workflows. Users and workflows can benefit from the Unigy 360 app, and firms can add optional hardware endpoints that can help streamline everyday tasks and design a solution that meets their specific objectives and operational needs.

The Unigy 360 application can unify firms’ communication channels for regulated users, supporting collaboration and efficiency across the financial community. Its’ communication-based workflows mimic hardware endpoints but extend and enhance capabilities onto an individual’s desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc., and integrate with Skype for Business and instant messaging applications. Unigy 360 allows users to have compliant mobile access to all internal and external counterparties wherever and whenever they need to connect.

Unigy 360 uses IPC’s advanced technology and process security as well as built-in product and application security to prevent viruses and hacks. These features ensure firms’ vital communications are protected with the latest security solutions. User authentication and counterparty verification help protect valuable information, while using IPC’s Connexus Cloud all data is encrypted, whether it’s at rest or in transit. The Connexus Cloud is one of the largest, secure and private networks dedicated to the financial community, spanning more than 6,000 locations throughout the world across every market segment and financial counterparty. Unigy 360 is engineered to ensure data is kept confidential.

The platform is also designed to deliver end-to-end compliance for the entire trade lifecycle, removing the challenge of purchasing and integrating disparate solutions to manage compliance of communications from multiple sources. With MiFID II implementation high on the agenda, firms anticipate major changes in the way trading communications must be recorded and stored.

Unigy 360 and IPC’s compliance solutions are built with regulatory requirements in mind. Unigy 360 comprehensively captures voice, mobile, and Skype communications, and enables access whenever needed. Its archiving capabilities include migration, indexing, litigation hold, and search and download functions, which are enhanced with unique analytics functions that turn data capture and storage from a regulatory requirement to a competitive asset.

The Unigy 360 platform also incorporates compliance assurance services that can use business intelligence to automatically undertake proactive checks and provide monitoring and alarm capabilities that ensure compliance tools operate efficiently. These assurances provide firms greater visibility and control of their data and an audit trail should one be required for regulation purposes.