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As more communications come under regulatory scrutiny, you need appropriate technology solutions. How can you sweep all communications channels for certain words and phrases? How can you monitor for potential market abuse? How can you pursue efficient trade reconstruction? Can you use your recorded conversations for “know your customer” purposes? Above all, how can you ensure your firm gets the most out of the new breed of solutions?

Your firm implements communications policies to promote a culture of compliance with both external and internal standards. These policies extend across electronic and audio communications channels, making effective surveillance of all regulated channels a significant challenge. IPC can help your compliance and IT departments address those challenges by providing appropriate solutions and tools and by recommending an integrated approach to execution.

Our experts will help you gather and assess your particular mission-critical requirements, and then provide you with decision support, project management and ongoing subject-matter expertise with a wide variety of best-of-breed solution providers designed to provide you with technology and tools that you require to comply with regulators applicable to your business. Speech recognition, smart searches and proactive communication surveillance all enable compliance officers to tag only the relevant call recordings.

Pristine Audio

To date, there has been a lack of solutions purpose-built for advanced analytics. That has fueled a need to capture rich meta-data and pristine audio streams from communication endpoints to create high-fidelity reconstructions.

IPC’s pristine audio capture solution creates separate, uncompressed TX and RX voice files for call legs with no mixing of audio channels—plus seamless integration with archival platforms. Increase accuracy in search and reconstruction; provide proactive surveillance; and deliver early notification of non-compliant activities, potentially limiting the scope and amount of damage. It’s all made possible by our high-fidelity voice capture of individual lines, with rich meta-data for point-to-point and multi-party conversations.

By investing in pristine audio, you can position your company to harvest information to more easily achieve comprehensive, preventive surveillance, thereby promoting more effective risk analysis. In terms of risk mitigation and enhanced reputation, the returns can be significant.