At IPC, we offer 50 years of experience in critical communications networks—and an unrivaled breadth of knowledge around the processes and workflows associated with trading floors. Our consulting services offer value to your business today and can help you make better decisions for tomorrow.

Technology Consulting

Perhaps you’re starting a trading floor from scratch or thinking about replacing major elements of your infrastructure. When making technology investments that will affect your organization for years to come, how do you make the right decisions? IPC offers knowledge and experience to help you understand the challenges and make wise choices.

IPC has a deep understanding of the challenges of capturing voices—in noisy and hectic trading environments and across handsets, broker boxes and lines. IPC is a leader and specialist in the capture, recovery and analysis of trader voices around the world. In fact, IPC has helped clients through all stages of internal business cases—from building return on investment calculations to conducting total cost of ownership studies. Above all, IPC knows that voice capture and analytics technology is ever changing. As you explore new solutions, turn to IPC for support with everything from technology discovery and design to RFP guidance, delivery and support. IPC can help ensure that you apply the best technology, with the greatest value to the business.

Compliance Consulting

Do you know about the current and likely roadmap of regulatory requirements for compliance, and how those rules might influence your operations? How can you meet the MiFID II challenge?

Since 2008, compliance requirements in financial markets have dramatically expanded, with much of the detail of financial reform legislation still taking shape. One thing is clear; this environment is the “new normal.” To avoid penalties and reputational risk, all trading organizations have to respond fully and rapidly. For compliance officers and IT teams, that’s driving huge challenges—from new and emerging regulations to the management of immense amounts of data, often spread across multiple jurisdictions.

IPC experts monitor emerging regulations and engage with regulators to understand the impact of regulations. What is your immediate action if a regulator makes a demand of your company? Will you be able to deliver a timely, full and compliant response? Our regulatory knowledge and deep understanding of trading technology can provide you with a valuable resource to call upon when the regulator calls on you.