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At IPC, we understand the ever changing regulatory landscape and challenges of what it means to be compliant and recognize our customer’s desire to use a Unified Communications platform that standardizes various forms of communication. As a compliance and recording technology expert, we enhance the offerings provided by our approved recording vendors by incorporating the select vendor solutions into our integrated information governance solution, which includes capabilities such as but not limited to, Policy Engine, Storage, Archival and Analytics.

Our Skype for Business capture solutions offer recording of Voice, Chat/IM, Video and Application Sharing as well as many other important features:

  • Secure recording of all communication
  • Centrally manage and capture all communication
  •  Roles based access and control
  • Automated retention policies per system, group or user
  • Compliance workflows
  • Recording announcement (prompts)
  • No single point of failure (HA & Resilient)
  • Server side recording not visible to users
  • WORM storage integrations
  • Compliance archive integrations

IPC is planning for the future and ready to help you start your journey. Whether you start with an Enterprise Skype for Business onsite deployment or Hybrid 0365, IPC will guide you to a fully compliant solution.