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Compliance assurance services are a key building block within IPC’s offering. Providing governance and control services across the portfolio, these services are designed to enable you to meet new regulatory controls. Powered by an automated, technology-neutral platform, these services are essential to maintaining control and consistency across an infrastructure. Providing extensive business intelligence, the platform and supporting services also help you to drive better risk management.

IPC’s compliance assurance services include three core offerings:

  • Automated checks and balances help you ensure the good functioning of the environment. Checks are automatically launched on a daily basis before markets open.
  • 24/7 monitoring services enable real-time confirmation that systems are functioning as expected.
  • Audit services offer an exhaustive “deep dive” into systems and retrospective checks of systems to help you determine whether they are meeting defined standards.

IPC’s interactive dashboards provide insight into the services delivered.

Automated Checks & Balances

How does your organization confirm that your trader voice infrastructure is ready for production? How much time do you spend manually assessing your environment? Is this consistent across every site? Do you have a set of processes that waste huge amounts of time?

The IPC solution automates processes—replacing manual Regulatory Recording Checks and Daily Health Checks with automated scripts. It also provides the opportunity to reduce resources required to complete weekend upgrades.


  • A list of checks confirms the good functioning of the trading telephony, PBX, recording and network environment. Automatic notification will be issued with RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status and timely triggering of the incident process with occur in case of check failure.
  • An automated process verifies that solutions are fully functional following upgrades and power downs, without the need for extensive resources.
  • Our best-of-breed automation environment enables the design, creation and ongoing support of complex cross-silo checks and advanced operational capabilities as your own “test factory.”


How does your company make sure its critical trader voice infrastructure, PBX and voice recording systems are functioning properly? Is there an issue within the trading voice platform that affects your ability to capture the voice in line with the regulations?

IPC monitors an entire trader voice infrastructure. What makes our service unique is the ability to define cross-system key performance indicators (KPI), which enables customers to react efficiently to alarms raised and anticipate situation that may lead to issues.

Audit Services

How does your firm make sure that your systems are meeting their defined standards? How do you know if someone has made a change that may stop your recording from working as designed? Has someone installed a solution that doesn’t meet your standards?

IPC offers a unique audit service that enables automated telephony and CDR correlation. This service confirms a recording for each call. In case of outage, it makes it far easier to assess regulatory impact.

IPC can automatically scan the systems in order to audit the configuration against a golden standard. This proactive scanning can reduce outages and provides regulatory control.