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IPC Compliance Policy Engine is designed to help customers understand the impact of rules and regulations in their environments, and to apply and manage compliance policies that conform to such rules and regulations. While Dodd-Frank, MAR, and MiFID II have all expanded on previous regulatory requirements, and may expand further, the scope of financial regulation and the breadth of its impact to market participants and their employees is not always obvious. With Compliance Policy Engine, you can find out exactly who within your organization is impacted—for any combination of characteristics that apply to personnel under any rule.

Additionally, for a new user, Compliance Policy Engine helps you quickly identify the policies that affect each user—enabling proper configuration across the host of devices and services to which he or she should have access. Compliance Policy Engine can be helpful when you audit your existing system configuration, integrating with communications and capture systems so you can better verify that you have correctly implemented your policies.

As a proactive system, Compliance Policy Engine can help you ensure that the policies you have in place aren’t just a guideline to what should have happened when you’re in the middle of an audit; rather, it can help ensure you are compliant on an ongoing basis. That includes the ability to set ethical walls across communications modalities, as well as enforcing recording and retention policies. Compliance Policy Engine can provide meaningful and robust audit logs detailing your policies, how they are enforced and employee user actions within your environment. It also can help you understand the proper scope for retention for each user and each communications modality that you use. In addition, the solution is designed to implement litigation holds to extend the duration of retention and for the defensible disposition of expired content. And, we can deliver a service to help you manage configuration across your capture and archival systems.

Ultimately, Compliance Policy Engine can enable you to perform discovery more quickly and effectively—easing the difficulty of meeting regulatory burdens.