About Us

Communications. Compliance. Community

IPC is a dedicated Fintech company focused on providing our clients with connectivity, security and flexible solutions to reach financial markets everywhere since 1973.

IPC has over 7,000 customers around the globe. From our award-winning communications platforms to our suite of compliance and network connectivity solutions, we focus on solving business challenges and meeting changing regulatory requirements, so our clients can:

▶ Maintain constant market access and liquidity
▶ Capture a competitive advantage, control costs and improve return on equity
▶ Improve operational speed, productivity and efficiency

We leverage 50 years of experience in delivering specialized communications solutions for the financial markets. Today we’re even better positioned to align with rapidly transforming markets, and continue empowering our customers to anticipate change, now and in the future.

We operate through two business segments: Trading Communications and Network Services.

Our Promise

Creating compelling connections

Our ever-expanding client connections create a powerful network community of proven value for firms and individuals.

Our global footprint offers customers access the markets, as we sustain our investment in the community we nurture.

Tirelessly anticipating change

We design our software, communications, compliance, and network capabilities like no one else.  To help clients stay ahead of the competition, we invest to anticipate emerging industry shifts and design technology that meets those needs in volatile markets. We carefully select specialist partners to complement our capabilities so we can deliver results.

At the heart of financial markets

Our roots go deep in financial markets worldwide, and our capabilities continue to expand. Our accumulated expertise across regulations, market structures, asset classes and technologies gives our clients real choice. We strive to understand clients’ challenges to deliver first-rate products, services and support—today and for the future.

Clients count on us with confidence

While we’re proud to be known for our reliability and commitment to customers, we’re not complacent. We employ and empower the right people with the right attitude. To us, that means learning continually, listening to clients and constantly looking to improve how we deliver service excellence. Because we engage with clients in an open and honest way, they come to rely on us as a valued consultative partner.

At IPC, we are committed to living our Core 4 values:

▸Be the Best You to Create the Best Us

▸Work Smarter

▸Inspire…Aim Higher

▸Embrace the Customer and the Change They Create

These values are essential to how we attract, cultivate, nurture and promote our workforce and foster a sense of belonging within our employee family.