Connexus® Extranet

Creating a Globally Connected Financial Community

Connexus Extranet is a private, highly scalable, reliable and secure financial extranet that leverages IPC’s fast-growing Connexus Cloud to provide rapid connectivity to a global community of capital market participants.

Connectivity Throughout the Full Trade Lifecycle

Benefits of Connexus Extranet to Capital Market Participants

Highly secure, scalable and reliable network
Reduced complexity
Adapts to the changing regulatory landscape
Global Coverage


  • Topology Options Available to Customers
  • Industry standard protocols supported include TCP, IP, UDP and multicast
  • Trading protocols supported include FIX
  • Supports several access options – 64kbps to 1GB
  • Automatic failover through redundant connectivity to end-points
  • Low total cost of ownership

Bringing Together the World’s Financial Market Participants

Performance engineered for electronic trading, Connexus Extranet is a paradigm that has transformed the manner in which capital market participants, application vendors, liquidity venues and content providers conduct business with one another. Through a single connection, members of the Connexus Extranet ecosystem can link to one another and seamlessly communicate, transact, receive and distribute information.

End-User Product Suite

Connexus Extranet is underpinned by IPC’s flagship multi-cloud platform Connexus Cloud, an ecosystem that interconnects more than 7,000 diverse capital market participants across 750 cities in over 60 countries, all bolstered by market-leading follow-the-sun customer support. The Connexus Cloud portfolio includes Connexus Ethernet, Connexus Extranet, Connexus WAN, Connexus Voice and Connexus Crypto services.

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