NICE is a leading financial compliance solution provider, serving more than 90 percent of the largest investment banks globally. NICE’s compliance solutions assist customers in the capture of trade conversations and trades, analyzing them for potential risk, and correlating trade conversations with trades for efficient and compliant trade reconstruction.

Our Partnership with NICE

Evolving regulations, hybrid work models and new communication modalities create regulatory compliance gaps that place financial and energy trading firms at greater risk of fines and reputational damage.

IPC and NICE have made it easier for you to close these gaps. Building on NTR, the most widely deployed trading compliance recording platform in the financial services and energy industries, SaaS-powered NTR-X consolidates all regulated Voice, Video and Chat integrations within a single, cloud-based, omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution.

Upgrade from NTR to NTR-X – the world’s first and only fully integrated, cloud-ready, truly next-generation omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution.


NICE SaaS powered by NTR-X is a fully integrated, cloud omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution, featuring:

  • IPC Unigy
  • Cisco IPT
  • Unified Communications (MS Teams | Zoom | Cisco WebEx)
  • Mobile Telephony
  • Mobile Applications (WhatsApp)


Upgrade to NTR-X: the ultimate compliance solution.