Connexus Voice is part of IPC’s comprehensive approach to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that guarantees voice trading communications will continue without interruption and with always-on availability. Both cost effective and easy to implement, Connexus Voice, a SIP-based solution, enables firms to retain their existing telecommunications infrastructure while realizing incremental resiliency benefits.

Why Firms Choose IPC’s Connexus Voice?

Connexus Voice enables you to make and receive calls from multiple locations seamlessly so you can conduct business without interruption or delay. Moreover, Connexus Voice can link you – securely and reliably – with financial market participants in the world’s most distant emerging locations.

IPC has combined the intelligence contained in its global network with the IPC trading communications platform – comprised of the Unigy platform and IQ/MAX Touch turrets – to provide unparalleled levels of resiliency and simplified BCP.

Connexus® Conferencing

Connexus Conferencing is a cloud based global secure and dedicated high-definition audio conference bridge built for IPC Connexus Voice members.

Collaborate instantly with virtual teams, improve deal decision making, increase transparency and mitigate risk, as well as simplify and accelerate communications across the enterprise and to “off-campus” locations.

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