The volatility and uncertainty of environments today require firms to quickly adapt or risk falling behind. Whether it is a BCP event or the new normal, IPC’s Unigy Soft Client provides traders with the same functionality, consistency and flexibility that is expected from Unigy, regardless of location, device or application.


Empower The work from home & Traveling Traders


Extend The Productive Workday

Asset 19@3x

Simplify Administration


Equip Satellite Offices

Technical Features

Unigy Soft Client for Windows is a full- function, soft trading platform flexibly deployed, managed and maintained from your centralized infrastructure.

• PC-based soft turret

• Support for up to 3 USB Audio devices

• Citrix & VMWare VDI Support

•  Full Blue Wave® API Support

• Up to 18 VR Streams

Unigy Soft Client for Windows.

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