What our partners and customers say about us?

Fernando Lanfranchi Baptista, Product Sales Specialist, Wittel

“The Global Financial Market demands mobility. Unigy® Soft Client, powered by IPC Systems, Inc., enables remote work, secure, reliable and “anytime and anywhere” access to all counterparts in the financial trading cycle. ”


Chu Chi-hsuan, Country Manager, Jyou Jyou Information Systems

“The Industry’s Leading Solution for Traders to Work Remotely. Today’s traders demand mobility. Unigy® Soft Client enables secure, reliable, compliant and “anytime, anywhere” access to counterparties, liquidity, and trade lifecycle services. The cutting-edge technology of Unigy® Soft Client puts the same power, control and intuitive user interface provided by Unigy and IQ/MAX Touch financial terminal to allow traders to work remotely. Harnessing the power of partnership with IPC Systems, Inc., Jyou Jyou Information Systems Corporation can deliver this solution to you which allows you to communicate, collaborate, stay compliant and trade seamlessly at any time from any location with Unigy® Soft Client.”


Nazik CAKIRLI, General Manager, 3-D BILISIM

“After the global epidemic of Covid-19, the financial sector started working from home thanks to its technological infrastructures. Banks and investment firms in Turkey continued their trading operations without any interruption. IPC users; with the Unigy® Soft Client installed on their PCs, they have been able to carry out their trading activities from homes flexibly and securely. The interactions continue to be recorded by IPC voice recording systems. Work is being carried out in an uninterrupted manner in accordance with business continuity plans.”


Vivek Raghavan, CEO, United MakGroup Technologies

“Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device mobile trading solution. The current situation has forced the financial industry to adopt mobility – and IPC enables this adoption with its PC based Unigy® Soft Client that offers secure, reliable and compliant access to counterparties, liquidity, and trade lifecycle services. This ideal solution for use across remote locations has already been deployed by four of the top five leading financial institutions in the region. Get in touch with us today to see how United MakGroup Technologies together with IPC can empower your traders to continue business in these unprecedented times.”


Carlos Ruiz, General Manager, Telectronic Perú SAC

“We are very excited and pleased to have the chance to collaborate with one of our customers, today recognized as one of the 5 most important banks in Peru, especially during this emergency time and necessary social isolation to combat COVID-19, but still more important taking care of its personnel. It was possible in a record time thanks to the IPC Unigy® Soft Client solution, the industry’s leading solution for Traders to work remotely. Unigy® Soft Client enables secure, reliable, compliant and “anytime, anywhere, any device” access to counterparties, liquidity, and trade lifecycle services. The cutting-edge technology of the Unigy® Soft Client provides the same power, control and intuitive user interface allowing traders to work remotely.”


Barbara de Koning, Client Manager Finance – Koning & Hartman

“The Unigy® Soft Client delivers all the features of the IQ/MAX Touch financial terminal with the same interactive and intuitive user interface. With Unigy® Soft Client you get a PC based soft turret that you can use anywhere. You get local MS Outlook integration and 16 speaker channels giving you easy access and clarity. You can use your USB headset and headphone. Also, you get full directory features and Unigy® Soft Client button sheet for easy navigation. The Unigy® Soft Client is also ideal for use in offices with different locations to ease communication.”


Lou Morin, Chief Operating Officer – Wyser-Pratte Management Company

“Connexus has empowered us to lower overall trading costs, dramatically improve investment results and boost execution performance by offering reliable and resilient connectivity to the global electronic trading suite of a leading institutional, agency-only broker. Connexus is a vital component of our overall technology infrastructure and plays a dominant role in creating alpha for our investors.”


Robert Walton, Managing Director, Business Development –  Fast Fill

“FastFill’s technology-efficient Horizon service successfully removes the requirement for expensive third-party connectivity or time-consuming broker-to-broker integration activities, resulting in reduced time to market and much greater extensibility in terms of broker coverage. With the proliferation of trading venues, firms increasingly need access where they do not hold memberships. Services like Horizon can create that access quickly, cheaply and efficiently and are set to change the way clients trade on new markets. We are delighted that IPC is making the service available to its global community.”


Yukio Okumura, Director – OMC

“Highly reliable, easily expandable with single backroom management platform that can provide services to multiple offices were essential requirement due to the critical missions they are responsible on for the system they newly install.”


Michael Pappas, Director of Business Development – GuavaTech

“The highly scalable and latency-sensitive IPC® Connexus Ethernet solution enables us to stay nimble, swiftly connect to liquidity venues, enhance our competitive advantage and provide world-class customer service. Connexus Ethernet is a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective solution that has become an integral part of our enterprise connectivity strategy.”


Lynn Shimasaki, Head of Sales

“We are very excited to use Unigy® Mobile Client as our new trading communications system. This lighter-weight mobile solution is a comfortable fit for our business-size and makes the most sense for providing continued and seamless service to our customers. We are already experiencing better voice quality than we initially anticipated and are enjoying our new mobility.”


Eric Greenspan, Founder – CIB

“IPC offers our users a reliable, cost-effective and secure way to communicate with their counterparts around the global.”


Alan Pittard, ICAP Vendor Management

“By using IPC’s Financial Markets Network services, we gain professionally managed connectivity that enables us to provide our international clients with highly sophisticated access to financial markets across six continents.”


Scott Doranski, Director of Technical Operations – CQG

“We’ve worked closely with IPC for a number of years, and they understand both our existing network infrastructure and our plans for expanding into new technologies, markets and applications.”


Christopher Wade, Head of Operations – FlexTrade

“IPC’s exclusive focus on the financial services industry, deep knowledge of trading routes and ability to address various sources of latency enables us to rapidly deliver market data to our customers and quickly execute trades.”


Jamal Abboud, Head of Business Services, IT Department – NBAD

“Our deployment of the Unigy system includes two back room data centers, including one specifically designated for data recovery. A third back room data center was also put in place, giving us further protection in case of a complete loss of the others, providing a future-proof solution for business continuity planning”.


Eric Greenspan, Founder – CIB

“We are delighted to be part of IPC’s Connexus Financial Extranet Community. Having CIB as a part of IPC’s extranet enables us to reach a large financial trading community, allowing us to meet the goal of making FIX messaging solutions more of a standard utility for trading.”


Sha Ali, Gilder Gagnon Howe and Co

“Implementing IPC’s Connexus Voice has complemented our BCP very well, and has proven to be an extremely effective approach, from both a business facilitation and cost perspective.”


Nick Brown, Managing Director – GFI Group

“The IPC suite of trading communications solutions and network connectivity services was a game changer for our global trading communications strategy. Leveraging IPC’s managed network and trading platform gives us the ability to match bespoke illiquid block trades for dealers in our ecosystem.”


Ronan Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer – IEX Group

“By deploying IPC’s Connexus managed infrastructure platform at our primary and back-up data centers, we gain access to a wide breadth of financial market participants.”


Bob Moitoso, Senior Vice President and General Manager – SS&C Financial Markets Group

“Our customers demand quick, seamless and efficient access to global markets and IPC’s Connexus Extranet allows us to meet those demands.”