It’s our Anniversary! We want to tell you about our People, the ones that make all this possible. We are a global ecosystem, full of diverse people that together we make IPC what it is today and what it will be with another 50 years of success.

Electronic Trading

Today’s trading – global, faster, more complex. Your firm needs strategic service providers who are focused on the same business challenges as you. Who has both an expansive network and the industry expertise that helps you compete?
The proven strength in financial network services is IPC.
Using our Electronic Trading capabilities means your firm gets what matters most.

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Electronic Trading

Tim Carmody, our Chief Technology Officer, provides his perspective on IPC’s sustainable product roadmap from an ESG standpoint.

Unigy Mobile Client

The volatility of environments today requires traders to quickly adapt or risk falling behind. Unigy Mobile Client empowers today’s traders to tackle anything, regardless of location or application.

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Unigy Mobile Client

Unigy® Soft Client

Today’s traders demand mobility. IPC’s Unigy Soft Client provides traders with the same functionality, consistency and flexibility that is expected from Unigy, regardless of location, device or application.

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Unigy<sup>®</sup> Soft Client


We are a dedicated Fintech company focused on providing our clients with connectivity, security and flexible solutions to reach financial markets everywhere since 1973.
The trading solution you need is at IPC.

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