Normalized Market Data

Empower Your Data, Empower Your Decisions

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What is Normalized Data?

Data normalization is the process of taking unstructured data and formatting it to standardize the information. Normalization helps users to acquire new insights, minimize data redundancy, eliminate duplicates, and make data easily digestible for further analysis.

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Precise and Refined

Data normalization service offers a comprehensive solution, correcting duplicates and anomalies to streamline data identification. Additionally, it efficiently removes unwanted data connections, prevents data deletion, and optimizes storage space, saving you time when adding new datasets.

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Improves Reliability

Increases data consistency and helps improve the reliability of the information.

Ensures Data Integrity

Can help prevent deleting data that relates to the main key data by forming data connections.

Saves Time and Money

Normalized Market Data enables faster retrieval and faster addition of new information.

Quick and Accessible

Helps users interpret and use the data with greater efficiency.

Learn how IPC delivers a FPGA-powered low latency normalized market data feed across all asset classes here.