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Enabling traders to access market-moving audio market data in real-time

Integrated into IPC’s world class financial markets Connexus® Cloud, Connexus Broadcast leverages Newsquawk’s team of analysts that use proprietary smart search technology to monitor and report data and news from hundreds of mainstream and social media sources.

With Connexus Broadcast, you’ll never miss an important story or trend again. Our platform makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest news and insights in your industry, so you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

These filtered audio market data feeds are readily available as a real-time stream to any of the over 7,000 financial market participants in IPC’s diverse global ecosystem. Connexus Broadcast is delivered via IPC’s Connexus Voice, a leading platform-agnostic voice trading ecosystem and available to over 200,000 professional traders.

What are the benefits of Connexus Broadcast?

Available immediately on Unigy financial terminal

No infrastructure visits needed

No security challenges

Only way to get content from restricted platforms

Connexus Broadcast supports:

➤ Traders (real-time, customized and filtered news supporting position-taking),

➤ Asset managers (continuous macroeconomic and geopolitical coverage informing investment decisions),

➤ Brokers (better understanding of clients’ decision influencers and market-moving events)

➤ Risk and compliance teams (continuous, multi-asset data and analysis for position-keeping and P&L management).

End-User Product Suite

Connexus Broadcast powered by Newsquawk is underpinned by IPC’s flagship multi-cloud platform Connexus Cloud, an ecosystem that interconnects more than 7,000 diverse capital market participants across 750 cities in over 60 countries, all bolstered by market-leading follow-the-sun customer support. The Connexus Cloud portfolio includes Connexus Extranet, Connexus Ethernet, Connexus WAN,  Connexus Voice and Connexus Crypto services.

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