Our global leadership team combines a breadth of management experience in financial services and technology. They are committed to providing our financial clients with reliable, powerful technology and services while ensuring that IPC is well positioned to anticipate and meet customers’ demands.

Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Adams, has more than 25 years of experience in financial services and payments industries, setting strategic direction and leading to drive significant growth and performance.

Chief Revenue Officer, Neil Fishler, plays a pivotal role in driving the revenue growth of the company. His responsibilities extend across multiple key areas including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Support.

Chief Financial Officer, Chris Nagy leads the Controllership, Accounting, FP&A, Tax, Supply Chain and Treasury team working closely with our shareholders, Board of Directors, and lenders.

EVP and Chief Administrative Officer, Adam Bozek, leads the Legal, Corporate Development, Risk, Compliance and IT teams, ensuring that those groups function at a high level and are aligned with IPC’s strategic objectives.

Chief Technology Officer, Tim Carmody leads our organization’s product strategy, technology innovation and development of our product roadmap to achieve growth and success in the industry, driving his teams towards excellence.

Chief People Officer, Meeghan leads recruitment, D&I, organizational design, corporate communications, performance & talent management, enhancing the employee experience at IPC.

Head of Operations, Matt Stocker leads our centralized operations team responsible for serving customers throughout all cycles of deployment and on-going support, ensuring operational efficiency.

Chief Transformation Officer, Alex Baren, coordinates all major growth and other transformation initiatives with the Leadership team and Board of Directors, across all levels of the organization.