Accessible Canada Act

As a registered provider of telecommunications services in Canada, IPC Network Services, Inc. (“Company”) provides this page to allow for feedback on accessibility of services pursuant to the Accessible Canada Act (“Act”).  While the Company does not currently serve any customers in Canada, this page will be maintained to allow for general public feedback on accessibility of services.

  • To provide feedback by email, email us at
  • To provide feedback by phone, call us at 888-286-2343
  • You may also provide feedback through the online form below.

You can submit feedback anonymously.  Any personal information shared with the Company will not be shared with any third party.  If personal information is included, you consent to the collection, use and storage of your information for the purpose of responding to you.

The designated person responsible for receiving accessibility feedback is Jeffrey Britell, SVP, Global Network Services.  Specific requests may be addressed by another employee of the Company.

Descriptions of our accessibility feedback process will be made available on request in the following alternate formats: print, large print, braille, audio format, electronic format, or other agreed-upon formats.

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