Connexus® ALPHA

Ultra-low latency connectivity for global trading firms

In arbitrage driven trading, speed is crucial since the goal is to capture ALPHA – excess returns earned on an investment above the benchmark return through managerial skill – which can erode in microseconds. Under these circumstances, the ability to rapidly uncover and source the right opportunities is imperative. Ultra-low latency connectivity is one of the most critical weapons in the arsenal of traders seeking to generate ALPHA.

IPC’s Connexus ALPHA enables hedge funds, funds of funds, proprietary trading firms, market makers, broker/dealers and other market participants to connect to key global liquidity venues through ultra-low latency optimized point-topoint optical fiber connections.

What are the benefits of Connexus ALPHA?

Market participants can gain a valuable speed advantage in executing complex trading strategies while reducing the cost of trades, as well as get speed to market benefits

Firms can execute sophisticated ever-changing cross-asset class trading strategies in a never-ending effort to “beat the market” and achieve superior returns

What are the key routes?

Connexus ALPHA will provide ultra-low latency connectivity:

➤ Between New York and Chicago
➤ In the New Jersey equity triangle
➤To Toronto from New York and Chicago
➤ Between key liquidity venues within both the Chicago and Toronto metropolitan areas
➤ For accessing major European liquidity venues in London, Frankfurt and other key continental European
➤ Between the global financial quadrilateral of New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore
➤ Between key Asia-Pacific liquidity venues in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo

End-User Product Suite

Connexus ALPHA is underpinned by IPC’s flagship multi-cloud platform Connexus Cloud, an ecosystem that interconnects more than 7,000 diverse capital market participants across 750 cities in over 60 countries, all bolstered by market-leading follow-the-sun customer support. The Connexus Cloud portfolio includes Connexus Extranet, Connexus Ethernet, Connexus WAN,  Connexus Voice and Connexus Crypto services.

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