Accessible Canada Act

IPC Network Services, Inc.
Accessibility Plan Progress Report


IPC Network Services, Inc. (“Company”) is a registered provider of telecommunications services (“TSP”) in Canada but does not currently provide any services in Canada. The Company provides this progress report consistent with the Accessible Canada Act (“ACA”) and the Canadian Telecommunications Act (“CTA”), even though the Company has no services or customers to which the ACA and CTA would currently apply.
Notably, the Company primarily provides specialized technology solutions and associated maintenance to financial institutions and global enterprises. No services are offered to the general public or to residential customers. Terms for the provision of service are developed on a company-by-company basis with each corporate customer. With regard to accessibility, the Company works with customers and leading providers in the field to develop solutions to address any specific accessibility needs.


While the Company does not currently have any services or customers in Canada, the Company nonetheless has maintained an Accessibility Plan that will be implemented in the event the Company provides services to customers in Canada. In such event, the following policies and practices will assist in the addressing of accessibility issues.

1. Employee Training. The Company will provide guidance to relevant employees concerning accessibility of services and responsiveness to customer inquiries concerning issues of accessibility.

2. Accessibility of Documentary Materials. Customer requests for bills and other documentary material in alternate accessible formats will be addressed as the need arises relative to any of the Company’s corporate customers. The Company’s accessibility plan and progress reports, as well as information concerning the feedback process, will be made available upon request in various accessible formats. A request for a copy of this progress report may be made through the following methods:

Web: submit your comments in the form provided on the Company’s Accessibility Plan webpage (
Phone: 888-286-2343
Regular Mail: Harborside Financial Plaza, 3 Second Street, 15th Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

3. Website Accessibility. The Company consults the internationally-recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and, where feasible, strives to conform its web content to the most recent version of these guidelines to provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities relative to website information.

4. Procurement of Goods and Services. The Company will endeavor to account for accessibility barriers in its procurement practices, and may: (1) review and update policies and standards relative to suppliers meeting accessibility requirements; (2) review customer feedback concerning barriers to accessibility, and (3) communicate accessibility expectations and requirements to new and existing suppliers.

5. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The Company may: (1) review new content on its website and work with customers to advise them of available options for accessibility; (2) provide accessibility tips upon request; (3) provide reasonable access to publicly-available information; (4) employ feedback processes reasonably accessible to persons with disabilities upon request and invite feedback concerning accessibility, and (5) consider enhancements to improve accessibility.

6. Communication, other than ICT. The Company will endeavor to enhance the accessibility of documents provided to customers and field and address requests from customers relative to communications accessibility.

7. Design and Delivery of Services. If conducting market research and product design for services to be provided to customers in Canada, the Company will endeavor to include individuals and/or organizations representing or serving persons with disabilities in such actions.


As discussed, the Company does not currently have any services or customers in Canada over which to consult. In the event services are provided to Canadian customers in the future, the Company will consult directly with customers to develop solutions to customer-specific accessibility needs. The Company will also generally consult recommendations of individuals and/or organizations that represent or serve individuals with disabilities concerning the accessibility of services that may be provided to customers in Canada.


As the Company does not currently provide and services or serve any customers in Canada, no feedback has been received to date concerning accessibility of services. Nonetheless, the Company will continue to maintain a feedback process on its website. The Company welcomes feedback concerning accessibility, and upon receipt of feedback through the methods noted above will, where practicable, consult directly with the person(s) providing the feedback and incorporate same in its accessibility reviews