Celoxica has been supporting the global trading community for over 15 years, with an absolute determination to deliver unique, fast, stable, exceptional technology solutions to the systematic trading community.

Our Partnership with Celoxica

The IPC-Celoxica partnership allows new and existing clients to capitalize on IPC’s continued commitment to build out its capital market services and additional market sectors. The partnership enables existing and new clients to leverage IPC’s global Ultra-Low Latency Network, Co-Location Services and its Extranet Community with Celoxica’s accelerated C++ API hardware.

IPC has built out Proximity and Colocation Environments, globally, offering Market Data as a Service (MDaaS) by fully hosting Celoxica’s single C++ API FPGA Ticker Plant Solution. Clients can cross connect into local markets for stability, security and speed. Ultimately, receiving Celoxica’s Low Latency Intellectual Property FPGA Normalized Market Data feeds alongside the added benefits of IPC as a Vendor of Record.

Celoxica provides accelerated market data and trading solutions for high frequency trading firms, proprietary trading firms as well as buy and sell side low latency applications. This includes brokers offering Direct Market Access (DMA) and Algorithmic Execution Services. Celoxica also offers FPGA Accelerated Order Management Gateways and Inline Risk Management Solutions. By using Optimized Software and FPGA Hardware Acceleration, Celoxica’s technology is primed for Inbound Market Data Processing, Outbound Execution Efficiency and Order Flow.

IPC x Celoxica | Alex Walker for FFNews

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